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Crawl Space Mold

AprilAire | 04/06/2023

How Do You Get Mold In A Crawl Space? 

Mold in a crawl space is a result of excess moisture. This excess moisture likely comes from groundwater that seeps into your crawl space. Mold in your crawl space may also result from a flood or leaky pipes. Without the proper solutions, crawl space mold is a constant threat to your crawl space and home. 

What Are The Risks of Mold In A Crawl Space?

If you have mold inside your crawl space, it's important to take action to prevent any future health and structural issues. 

Health risks from mold in a crawl space

The first sign that you may have mold in a crawl space is the smell. But mold is not just a problem for your nose, it can present serious issues for the air quality in your home and the health of you and your family. 

According to the CDC, each person will have a different sensitivity to mold, but those with major respiratory issues like COPD or asthma may have more severe reactions. 

Structural risks from mold in a crawl space

Mold inside your crawl space can also result in structural issues. Wood is hygroscopic meaning that it will suck up excess moisture in the area creating the perfect growing environment for mold. If not treated properly, structural rot can occur. 

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