Bed Bugs…Are the most difficult insect affecting the pest control industry today!

bedbug photo Why? The Internet has provided consumers with a large variety of information, pesticides, and home remedies, which for the most part have little to no effect. The pesticides found at your local hardware store should be consumer safe and when misapplied the insect builds up an immunity, which in return makes a breed of Bed Bugs resistant to professional Bed Bug products.

One of the most commonly used products today is “Diatomaceous Earth” aka “DE,” which has been noted as a consumer safe “Cure All.” In the December issue of PCT (Pest Control Technology) the University of Kentucky in combination with pest professionals put “Diatomaceous Earth” to the test under real-world conditions. The application of “DE” was thorough; noting putting the product where the bugs are is crucial to its performance. The conclusion of this test after 12 weeks was “Diatomaceous Earth” FAILED as a stand-alone product.

We, Ivey Exterminating in Charlotte NC have run numerous scientific tests on bed bugs all of which have been documented in an effort to make the treatment process successful and less stressful on you the consumer. Our research shows Bed Bugs can survive temperatures as little as 9 degrees and CANNOT survive for 40 seconds at 135 degrees. We know the difference between room temperatures and the temperature inside wall cavities. All of which determines successful elimination of the Bed Bugs.

Today with construction on the rise, and local workers traveling from city to city and state to state, and abroad, the hotels/motels have become the places that have contributed to the rise of Bed Bug levels of infestations in Charlotte NC. Combine that with our children with backpacks, pocketbooks, etc., going to school, daycare, school buses, taxi cabs, family & friends staying with us…well the list goes on. We have found Bed Bugs in toboggans, cowboy hats, in a man’s beard and even in a Bible.

Bed Bugs are not a respecter of persons, meaning they don’t care about your country of origin, male or female, if you’re tall, short, or economic status…if you are breathing and have blood, then you are a prime target, even your pets.

As of today, there is not a more effective bed bug treatment than our “one two punch” which combines a residual barrier followed by Heat treatment. Why Heat? A female Bed Bug can lay up to 5 eggs per day and each egg is coated with a sticky glue like material that can adhere to any surface. All pesticides come with limitations as to where & how they may be applied. No one wants their personal items treated with chemicals. Heat Treatment penetrates everything and goes where no chemical can. Our successful track record is far above those in the industry.

It’s been reported that everyone in the United States will be exposed to Bed Bugs. We have successfully treated homes for bed bugs of all economic status and people of all professions. Although there shouldn’t be anything to be embarrassed about, we at Ivey Exterminating understand the sensitivity of having Bed Bugs and that’s why when we show up to preform the treatment our trailer and our heat equipment has NO mention of Bed Bugs on it. We want to protect your good name.

Now that Bed Bugs in the Charlotte NC areas and the United States have reached “epidemic status” many companies have jumped in offering Bed Bug Treatments. Don’t get scammed, call a bed bug exterminating company with a proven record and a history of integrity…If you want more information about Bed Bugs, our treatment process, and what you can do to safeguard yourself against Bed Bugs, then…Contact us!

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