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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs spread so easily, it’s hard to avoid them. They’re found in hotels, schools, ride sharing vehicles - virtually any space that people share. They can enter your home in a multitude of ways, including furniture, a suitcase or a child’s backpack. Female bed bugs need the protein in blood to reproduce, so they feed on you and lay their eggs everywhere. Before you know it, these little vampires spread throughout the house, biting your family and pets, and making everyone miserable. We’ve found bed bugs in toboggans, cowboy hats, in a man’s beard and even in a bible! If you have bed bugs, Bug Ivey can bring you peace of mind again.  

About Bed Bugs

Charlotte consistently ranks in the top 20 of major U.S. cities infested by bed bugs. They’re so plentiful that every neighborhood and home is susceptible to infestation. These tiny invaders can hide in the smallest of crevices in mattresses and feast on you while you sleep. Adults measure up to 1?4 inch and younger nymphs are so small, they’re very difficult to see. Bed bugs are reddish-brown in color with flat, round bodies, six legs and two antennae. When the females lay their eggs, the larvae go through a metamorphosis, continue to feed and reproduce, easily spreading to all of the rooms in your home.

When bed bugs bite, it hurts, often creating an itchy, painful rash. When feeding, the host’s blood may clot, causing them to back out and go into a different injection site. Then, they move onto their next meal, leaving a trail of bites clumped together in groups of three or four overnight. Bed bugs target carbon dioxide and body temperature. As rooms cool off at night, they seek areas that radiate heat. Typically, they are found around your neck, armpits and legs - the warmer areas of the body. Beyond the discomfort, loss of sleep and the anxiety of knowing that they’re in your bed, their bites can lead to more serious symptoms and health problems.

Are bed bugs giving you sleepless nights?

Call Bug Ivey to get them out of your home, for good. 

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