For generations, Bug Ivey has helped families avoid and contain the damage that pests, rodents and wildlife can cause. With regular inspections, we can find problems developing in your home that you may be totally unaware of. We also identify entry points and conditions in your attic, crawl space and yard that attract pests and make it easy for them to invade.

Any time you see or hear signs of infestation, our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and identify any pests that may be present. We take the time to explain what we find, answer any questions you have and offer advice on the best way to proceed. Then, we provide safe and effective treatment to remove the pests and prevent them from returning.

Inspections are frequently scheduled when you buy or sell a house. During the years in between, you want to be sure it is free of disease-carrying pests that can threaten your family’s health and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

At Bug Ivey, we provide inspections for:

Professional inspections are a proactive way to prevent health problems, heartache and costly repairs. You can rely on Bug Ivey to keep your home and family safe. We’ve been doing this since 1954.

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