Crawlspace Moisture Inspections

Regular crawlspace moisture inspections are essential for the health of your home and family. In these often-overlooked areas, it’s recommended that you get the levels checked every 12-16 months.

Moisture and humidity are breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, pests and rodents. Your crawlspace health has a direct impact on the overall health of your home. The professionals at Bug Ivey can help you keep your living space healthy. 

Plumbing leaks and faulty moisture barriers in crawlspaces can make your home vulnerable. To make sure no moisture is accumulating, they need to be checked. The higher the moisture level, the more conducive an environment is for termites, roaches, other destructive pests and microorganisms. In these warm, humid areas of your house, they have access to the food, water and shelter they need to reproduce. And the rodents and wildlife that feed on them will follow.

You can rely on the experienced professionals at Bug Ivey to perform thorough crawlspace moisture inspections and identify any existing or potential problems.  For the home you live in now and any new home you purchase, we’re here for you.

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