Termite Inspections

Inspections are the first step in termite control. Most homeowners aren’t even aware when they have an active infestation.

The clock is ticking - as the damage multiplies, so do the repair costs.

In the U.S., each year:

Termites do an estimated $5 billion of property damage.
More than two million homes are treated for termite infestation.
The average cost of a repair is $3,000, and not covered by insurance. 

Keep your home safe with Bug Ivey’s Annual Termite Inspection Program. Scheduled, preventative maintenance is an important tool to minimize the damage that termites can cause. During our yearly inspections, we can detect issues before they become major problems and prevent future invasions on your property. You can rely on our licensed experts for sound advice and safe, effective treatment. 

If you notice any signs of live termites, wood damage or swarms near your home, contact Bug Ivey immediately. We've been helping Carolinians protect their homes from pests since 1954.

Contact us to schedule an inspection today.

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