WDIR (Wood Destroying Insect Report - Inspections for Real Estate Transactions)

If you are a home buyer, seller or lender, inspections for wood-destroying insects are essential. Accurate inspections need to be performed by a licensed, structural pest control firm, like Bug Ivey.

A careful, visual inspection is made of all accessible areas inside, outside and underneath a home, including attached decks, porches and storage sheds. Then, an official, state report is written, detailing any evidence of active or past infestations and the damage caused by wood-destroying insects and fungi, including:

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Drywood Termites
  • Old House Borers
  • Powderpost Beetles

The structural integrity and value of the home may be at stake. Getting a professional inspection of existing or ongoing damage, and what it will to repair it is critical to any real estate transaction. 

You can rely on the licensed, experienced technicians at Bug Ivey to provide a thorough, accurate inspection of your premises. We’re experts in detecting the presence of wood-destroying organisms and mitigating them. 

What Kind of Pest Problem Do You Have?

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