To most people, cockroaches, also known as roaches, are just plain creepy. It can make your skin crawl to spot just one inside your home. The thought of an infestation can lead to sleepless nights. Bug Ivey can help you reclaim your home and peace of mind.

About Cockroaches

Roaches thrive worldwide and they spread disease. They’re certainly plentiful throughout the Carolinas. These seemingly indestructible pests adapt in favorable environments and breed quickly. They can easily infiltrate and multiply in your home. Like most living creatures, they need food, water and shelter, and households are the perfect setting for them. 

Roaches can infiltrate even the cleanest, most-pristine homes. At Bug Ivey, our experts understand their behavior and how to manage them. We can advise you on controlling their entry points and reducing the moisture that nourishes them. It’s not just about the application of chemicals. 

Roaches got you down? Bug Ivey can help.

Treatment Information

Cockroach Treatment Information

Cockroaches have the ability to rapidly reproduce. We use a two-visit plan to strategically and effectively eliminate existing roaches and prevent any new ones from moving in.

  • Treatment 1:

    The first part of the service is to target adults and prevent them from reproducing. We perform a detailed inspection of areas throughout your home for suspected or present activity. We focus carefully on the locations roaches tend to congregate in, such as the kitchen, bathrooms and attics. After the inspection, your technician will begin a customized treatment of the areas with suspected or confirmed activity.

  • Treatment 2:

    Two weeks later, your technician will arrive and perform a second treatment. This allows us to monitor progress and address any remaining roaches. After your treatment has been completed, we will guarantee your home free from roaches for 30 days from the date of your second treatment. If you have any issues during your warranty period, let us know and we will send a technician at no cost to you.

At Bug Ivey, we’ve been providing our customers a sense of comfort and safety for more than 65 years. We keep it simple. If you have a problem with pests, we will solve it for you with honest, reliable service and safe, effective treatments. 

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