You know it’s mosquito time when it’s cutting into your leisure time. Are you tired of pesky mosquitoes ruining your backyard barbecues? Do you want to spend time with friends and family outside without these buzzing insects biting you and leaving red, itchy bumps? Bug Ivey can help you take back your yard.

About Mosquitos

Did you know that any spot on your property with standing water is a breeding ground, even children’s toys and planters? All a mother mosquito needs is a capful of water to lay 300 eggs. And in just four days, they become biting, adult insects that can spread disease to you and your family.

Treatment Information

Mosquito Treatment Information

Our residential mosquito-control experts guarantee you see up to 80-90?wer mosquitoes after treatment.

  • Treatment Plan:

    We recommend a 21-day cycle plan from March-October to effectively protect your home and yard from mosquitoes all season long. We spray a fogging solution around your home and yard to treat any active adult mosquitoes, and treat standing water sources with larvicide.

  • Initial Visit:

    We perform a thorough inspection of your property to locate potential breeding and hiding places for mosquitoes. We establish a custom mosquito treatment plan for your property and begin your first treatment.

  • Scheduled Treatments:

    Your initial treatment is followed up by a 21-day scheduled treatment strategy to ensure continuous, effective protection for your home and yard. If you have an issue between services simply let us know and we can have a technician come out for free and address the concern.

At Bug Ivey, we strive to provide you with the best mosquito control in the Carolinas. We treat our customers and employees like family, looking after one another. With us on your side, you can say goodbye to mosquitos and take back your yard

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