Ticks feed on blood. These creepy-crawly parasites are drawn to the body heat and scent of the unsuspecting animals and humans. Some are as tiny as the head of a pin so they’re really hard to detect. All you have to do is brush against them and they can latch onto your body for a meal. Transmitting disease from host-to-host, they are easily transported right into your home, where they can lay thousands of eggs. Bug Ivey can offer peace of mind with treatment options.

About Ticks

Like spiders, ticks are arachnids with eight legs. They live in the vegetation around homes, forests, wood piles, tall grasses and beaches. Their front legs have little hooks that help them attach to their victims. Tick-borne diseases that cause serious health problems in humans are common in the U.S., including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Typhus and Tick Paralysis. They also spread tapeworms. Several species of disease-carrying ticks are found in the Carolinas. During their lifetime, female ticks can lay up to 18,000 eggs. The active season for ticks locally is from early spring to fall, but they can be found at any time of year in vegetation.

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Treatment Information

Tick Treatment Information

Bug Ivey can protect your home and your family from a tick infestation.

  • Treatment is quick and efficient for eliminating this insect, which is known to carry deadly diseases. A technician will inspect the exterior of your property for areas known to harbor tick activity. A specialized treatment will be applied to landscape beds, natural areas, low lying tree branches and other areas where ticks congregate.

  • After your treatment has been completed, we will guarantee your home free from ticks for 30 days from the date of your treatment. If you have any issues during your warranty period, let us know and we will send a technician at no cost to you.

At Bug Ivey, we’re dedicated to keeping you and your family safe, including your furry family members. If you have ticks in or around your home, you can rely on our experts to get rid of them. We’re a local, family-owned company, serving the Charlotte area since 1954.

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