Wood Boring Beetles

Most people are aware of the destruction that termites cause. There are actually several species of wood boring insects in the Carolinas that can do severe damage to the wood inside and outside of your home. Old house borer beetles and powderpost beetles are two common wood borers that can threaten your home. Bug Ivey can banish these creatures from your property.

About Wood-boring Beetles

Like most things in our environment, each creature plays a helpful role in the balance of nature.  Wood borers help us recycle dead and decaying trees, and eat other insects. Unfortunately, these pests can focus their wood-consuming habits on the wood on your home and property. All species of beetles share the anatomy - head, hard exoskeleton, thorax and abdomen (with hard plates) and wings. Their life cycle includes several stages of growth, including egg, larvae, pupa and adult. When their larvae hatch, they eat and destroy the wood in your home through adulthood.

  • Old House Borer Beetles: These wood-boring beetles prefer to feast on softwood, so they are commonly found in newer homes. They have a 10-year lifecycle. Unknowingly, their eggs or larvae may be already present in the wood structure of your home. Larvae emerge to eat the wood near the surface and continue through adulthood. While the larvae only measure 1/10 of an inch long, their exit holes can be two to three inches in diameter.  

  • Powderpost Beetles: Once these pests are inside of your home, they feed on the wood structures, from the larvae stage through adulthood. With a lifespan of two to five years, they can silently eat your home alive. As adults bore their way out of the wood, they leave behind tunnels of compromised wood along the way. When they reproduce, they lay eggs in the wood and the life cycle repeats.

Bug Ivey can identify any wood-boring insects on your property. Then, we can create a targeted treatment plan to keep your home, yard and outbuildings safe.

Treatment Information

Treatment Information for Wood Boring Beetles & Powder Post Beetles

Your inspector will come out and check all areas of suspected or current activity. Most beetle activity typically occurs in the crawlspace. Your technician will confirm any active beetle infestation and establish a customizable plan of treatment. Infested wood will be sprayed with a specialized chemical specifically designed for wood boring beetles.

After your treatment has been completed, we will guarantee your home free from wood boring beetles for 18 months from the date of your treatment. If you have any issues during your warranty period, let us know and we will send a technician at no cost to you. 

With your property value at stake, you can rely on Bug Ivey for pest control. Our experts have been keeping Carolina homes and properties safe since 1954.

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