In nature, bats are a beneficial species. However, if they find their way inside your home, they’re a nuisance and a big health concern, not to mention the source of nightmares. Their fecal droppings are toxic, containing bacteria that cause disease. In the Carolinas, bats are a protected species. You need professional help to remove them and make sure they don’t return.

Signs of Infestation

If you see fecal droppings on your porch or in your attic that are three quarters of an inch or longer, cylinder-shaped and rounded at the ends, bats may be present. Call us for help right away to contain the problem. As bat feces accumulate on your attic floor or penetrate your home’s insulation, it can create an unhealthy environment and cause respiratory illness. 

Treatment Information

Bat Treatment Information

Bats are frequently found nesting in attics and behind shutters. Our experts come out to inspect your home and the outdoor area to identify the extent of the problem. Our process for removing bats is creating a one-way net. Once they exit, they cannot re-enter. We remove any colonies in your home and block their access points so they can’t come back in.

You can trust Bug Ivey to protect your home and family from a bat infestation.

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