Squirrels enter homes seeking food, water and shelter. These world-class climbers easily scale tree branches that are close to your house and run the roof. Once they’re up there, they can sense the temperature differences in the attic spaces beneath and literally gnaw their way through your roof on their mission to find warmth and build their nests. In the wild, squirrels eat mainly nuts and seeds. In your home, they’ll eat anything, do a whole lot of damage and spread disease.

Bug Ivey can find them and escort them off the premises.

Squirrels can chew through almost anything. They shred insulation, wood and even PVC pipes. When they start gnawing on electrical wires, they create a fire hazard. Attics and basements are their favorite nesting areas. Females mate once per year, with 2-8 babies in a litter. As they increase in numbers, the smell of their urine can become very strong. Like all wild animals, their feces can spread disease.

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

These are common signs of a squirrel home invasion.

  • Scurrying sounds in your attic
  • Scratching noises in your attic or walls 
  • Holes and chew marks in walls and wood
  • Chewed electrical wires and cables
  • Droppings in your home or garage
  • Strong urine smell
  • Roof-shingle damage 
Treatment Information

Think you have wildlife inside your home? Bug Ivey can help.

Our wildlife experts at Bug Ivey can identify any rodents in your home, find their entry points and nests, and remove them. The safety and security of your family is our top priority.

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